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Suqoor al -shaheen is one of the general contracting and trading companies in Iraq, founded in 2009. It has been already a reliable name in Iraq for a long time as we provide specialized constructing services at different levels and prominent projects at the public and private sector levels. This is done through changing our clients’ aspirations and visions into reality. We are able to provide services and outstanding high-quality solutions to our clients which reinforce trust and make it easy for the client to realize that his project is safe.


The Managing Director’s Speech

During the past years, we succeeded to adapt and grow. From the beginning, we are used to provide pioneering construction projects which affect directly our beloved Iraq’s renaissance. Continually, we kept our promises in an exceptional quality. Our record which is full of achievements is an evidence for this achievement. However, the key of our success has been always our guiding values represented in integrity, transparency and quality. These values are deeply rooted in the culture of our company and continue to guide our works nowadays. Based on our rich heritage extended for more than 12 years, we explore new bright aspects in construction. Also, we are looking forward to leadership together as we have consultative and cooperative approach. Continually, we work to expand our knowledge with the needs of our clients. 

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Our multi-disciplinary experience, skill and partnership enable us to design technical solutions dedicated to each client as it adds a value to their work and contributes to their growth. As always, our employees are always at the core of all what we do. Through consultation, we agree on a group vision and a group of values to support. This ensures the efficiency and transparency through its entire value chain. 

                                                                                   God bless and help



Civil Works


Mechanical Services 


Electricity Works

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Our vision is that our company will become one of the prominent companies in Iraq in maintaining and reinforcing its works in construction, supporting its strict engineering criteria, and effectively responding to variable complexity of projects and the clients’ needs. To achieve quality and sustainable growth, the company’s strategy relies on developing world class engineering expertise and projects management capacities.


We owe our success to a combination of hard work, technical experience and strict commitment to the best quality assurance standards compatible with ISO. To meet or exceed the common objectives, continuous improving where appropriate, specific quality objectives were identified. Performance monitoring will be done continuously for these objectives. At the same time, we commit to the relevant regulation and make sure that all the employees and subcontractors commit with it. 





Al-Abasiya-Said Hammed Street-Abr Al-Sharq Building-Basra-Iraq




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