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Suqoor al -shaheen is one of the general contracting and trading companies in Iraq, founded in 2009. It has been already a reliable name in Iraq for a long time as we provide specialized constructing services at different levels and prominent projects at the public and private sector levels. This is done through changing our clients’ aspirations and visions into reality. We are able to provide services and outstanding high quality solutions to our clients which reinforce trust and make it easy for the client to realize that his project is safe.
The company countess achievements arose from its devotion, discipline, unprecedented flexibility and continuous motive to achieve the best results. Over the years, we reward the hard work and intend to provide new job opportunities continuously to support the labor force in Iraq and construction industry. We have a track record of successful projects which include civil works. We responded and exceeded the requirements of our clients continuously without any compromise on the safety of our team or the environment. We heavily invest on training and development and reinforce the company culture based on cooperation and innovation to encourage our employees to achieve their entire possibilities.

Construction Workers

Our Commitment to Excellence

Over the years, the company was, is and will completely commit to its founding vision, mission and values through founding fairly, committing to the best standards of service and providing professional outcomes. The successful foundation depends on a various group of elements. Suqoor Al-Shaheen realizes that the successful work requires adopting the best tools and practices to improve planning, control the available resources and to better cope.


We plan to be distinctive in the market as a company works professionally in construction, to provide high quality services and to contribute to supporting and raising our beloved Iraq.

Construction Site
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