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Workers Wearing Helmets and Jackets


We owe our success to a combination of hard work, technical experience and strict commitment to the best quality assurance standards compatible with ISO. To meet or exceed the common objectives, continuous improving where appropriate, specific quality objectives were identified. Performance monitoring will be done continuously for these objectives. At the same time, we commit to the relevant regulation and make sure that all the employees and subcontractors commit with it. 

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Our culture in Suqoor Al-Shaheen is that safety comes first and is extended beyond our employees to involve the subcontractors and clients. Our commitment to the safety of construction industry takes different forms. We provide our employees, and subcontractors with the tools, knowledge and resources to increase safety, reduce risk and control losses in every project we excute.
We believe that the good safety performance is the result of the individual and collective efforts. We try hard to create a safe workplace and to achieve this, a work culture is formulated to concentrate on the mutual accountability, leadership and active management to the risks and real managing commitment, transparent and fair leadership, as well as a planned training for health, safety and environment, such as protection from falling programs to training and education in the site, the multi-level effective communication, consultations and work efficiency. Also, the continuous improvement is done through the study and analysis of the indicators of known safety culture like accidents rates, complaints, and responds. Compliance with safety requirements increases the employee’s participation to improve their attitude towards safety. Our approach is:

1.  A big number of training courses are carried out to reinforce the safety practices among the employees.
2. In order to avoid any inconsistency, safety officials submit reports directly to the company senior management.
3.  Our closely committed team check the private health and safety records and coordinate the schemes to reinforce safety integration at all levels.
4.  The evaluations of health and safety. These reviews aim to ensure full compliance to the standards and policies of health, safety and environment management.
5. Continuous improvement: Realizing that health, safety and environment are a dynamic process, we repeatedly modernize the current procedures to improve our performance and readiness to any emergent risks. We realize that clients focus on excellence in safety and continually interact with them to meet their requirements.
6. We give a great care to the environmental safety as well as our interest to the health and safety of our labor force. We take practical and serious steps to reduce any negative effects on the environment.

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